Loft Hatches

Loft hatches provide you with an entry point into your loft. With drop-down or push up, fire rated and insulated loft hatch doors and panels, we have the loft access door for you. Installing a hinged loft hatch is more practical as the door drops down and is hinged at one end.

Loft Hatches - All
Item List per
Loft Hatch M-thorpe GL250-035-PU, 726 x 562mm Fitting Size Ea
Loft Hatch, M-Thorpe GL270F Fire Rated - D-Down, 562 x 562mm Ea
Loft Hatch, M-thorpe GL280F F-Rated - D-Down, 726 x 562mm Ea
Loft Hatch, Timloc 1169/35, 562 x 662 Fit Size, D-Down, Non FR Ea
Loft Hatch, Timloc 1160, 542 x 745 Fit Size, D-Down, Fire Rated Ea